• The subversive attitude to the norms of gender presentation in Boys By Girls magazine appeals strongly to us at Herm Studio and we are very pleased to be featured in their latest issue.

    Their images of boys, taken by girls, draw attention to a less explored facet of masculinity: a striking softness and vulnerability. Similarly, the female’s role is flipped: no longer is the woman the passive object of the male lens.

    Editor-In-Chief Cecilie Harris is particularly drawn to photograph boys in their adolescence, explaining that it is ‘that period of transition in which boys are exploring and trying to find out who they’re going to be, what kind of man they will become.’

    This curious, fluid state is manifest in her images. Her subjects’ youthful faces and slender limbs are masculine but soft. The viewer senses that a child is in transition to a man: time is precious before, perhaps, something is lost.

    The transience of gender in Boys By Girls’ images connects deeply with our aesthetic and philosophy at Herm Studio.

    In the 'Young Hearts' edition for Spring/Summer 2017, Herm Studio features in an editorial titled ‘The Lost Hours’. With photographs by Harris, Herm Studio watches are styled on model Jacob McNorton alongside Burberry, Vivienne Westwood, Sunspel, A.P.C., Lanvin and Stella McCartney.

    “Falling. Day by day, faster than you imagined. Running out of time. Boyhood’s last chapter only pages away.”

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