Herm Studio Launch

  • HERM Studio launches with bold design for the gender-fluid generation.

    Non-conformist by nature, ‘HERM’ is an amalgamation of Her and Him – an androgynous fashion brand that considers the concept of gender archaic – people should have, wear and be whatever they want. With this current collection, HERM Studios provides a product that embodies this ideology, never compromising the quality benchmark of traditional watchmaking.

    Built with a collaboration of cutting-edge designers, photographers, stylists and artists across London and New York, HERM Studio launches online with a limited edition first run of 3,000 watches.

    Tim Smith, Creative Director and Co-Founder of HERM Studio comments: “We believe that beautifully designed products should not be restricted by prescribed stereotypes. Undefined by the outmoded gender-specific standards that currently saturate the market, our products are progressive and take on a contemporary alternative. Forward-thinking and relevant to our audience, our vision is to create a brand that speaks to the way people live and interpret their lives through fashion.”

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