Solid Japanese Marble Display

  • HERM Studio unveils handcrafted marble display stands from Japan.

    When our design team sat down to develop ideas for our in-store displays, we found that traditional retail displays for the watch sector were generic and we were determined to do something different. We started looking at new materials and came up with some innovative ideas to break the mould, eventually settling on a hand carved solid black marble slab.

    Rendering the drawings was the easy part; finding somewhere who could make what we had designed proved more difficult. Having exhausted our options in the UK and Europe we looked East and eventually found an artisan marble sculptor in Hokkaido, Japan. Local artisans in Hokkaido have been working with stone for over two thousand years and that level of craftsmanship shines through in the finished product.

    The watches are set into a white veined black marble slab and part of the case and strap are concealed within the stone, artfully giving the sense that the watches have been dipped into melted stone. The slabs are hand carved and polished to a flawless finish; this is truly a meeting of dedicated craftsmanship.

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